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Children's Chest Clinic Youtube channel is for public awareness and educational purposes. It has brief videos pertaining to common problems which our kids face frequently. These videos would provide brief but useful information regarding the various common diseases, how and why they happen, steps on prevention, home treatment and when to consult your doctor. These videos are not an alternate to professional medical opinion. We also have brief videos regarding the specialty services we perform at Children’s Chest Clinic.

Cough Syrup- What parents need to know?

Noisy breathing in Infants

Stridor in Babies

Does Your Child Snore?

Flu (Influenza) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Common Cold in Children: Do and Don'ts

Dr. Ankit Parakh talks about tuberculosis in children; Its symptoms, diagnosis & treatment

Dr Ankit Parakh discussing about common sleeping & breathing related issues in children

Dr Ankit Parakh talks about cough in children, It's causes, symptoms and treatment

Dr. Ankit Parakh talks about Childhood Asthma: Its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment