What happens during the spirometry test?

The child is asked to blow out into an equipment or machine. This might have to be repeated 4-5 times. Our specifically trained Lung Function physiologist would assist the child. A computerized sensor, which is part of the lung function machine, will calculate the results. These are later presented as graphs and values.

How we do it?

Children are not young adults and need special attention during the test. They needs to be encouraged in a child friendly environment. We have started using computer games to make these easier for children. Dr Parakh takes special interest in getting these tests done.

After what age children can perform a spirometry?

Usually children over 4-5 years of age are capable of performing a spirometry. There might be a 10% chance that the child is not able to perform the test in the first time. In such cases we would repeat the test in the next one week. Children who are unable to perform a spirometry can now undergo an Impulse Oscillometry, which can be done from the age of 2 years. For more infromation on Impulse Oscillometry click here.

How long does a spirometry may take?

A spirometry takes around 15 minutes. If we need to repeat the test after giving a medicine like salbutamol then it would take additional time.

Does it pain?

It is a painless test. There are no injections given!!