Pediatric Lung Function Testing

What is a Lung Function test

A Lung function test provides information about how your child’s lungs are working. It measures how much and how fast your child can move air into and out of your lungs. The most common Lung Function test is called spirometry. There are other like Lung Volumes, Diffusion capacity and Impulse Oscillometry.

Which children Lung Function Testing?

Children with recurrent chest congestion or wheezing, childhood asthma, exercise-induced breathing difficulty, complex lung disease would benefit from Lung Fuction testing.

How does it help in management of children with asthma?

It helps in confirming the diagnosis, assessing the degree of the disease  and response to treatment.

Does all children with asthma require a Lung Function test?

Yes all children need to have a Lung Function teats done. Children with mild disease would need it every year. Children with more severe disease would need it more often.

Our Experience?

Dr Parakh has performed over 1500 tests himself and has been running the Pediatric Lung Function lab.