Allergic Rhinitis

What are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis in children?

  • The main symptoms are sneezing, itching, running nose and blocked nose.
  • If 2 or more of these symptoms are frequent (more than 1hr a day) for most of days of the week then it would suggest allergic rhinitis.
  • Since the symptoms of allergic rhinitis may resemble other medical conditions, the doctor should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment.

How common is allergic rhinitis in children?

Approximately 20-40% children world over suffer from allergic rhinitis.

What are the causes of allergic rhinitis?

The most common allergens associated with children are: pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander etc.

What are the other problems associated with allergic rhinitis in children?

Many children with allergic rhinitis would have associated asthma, enlarged adenoids, ear problems, allergic eys, sinusitis etc. These associated problems should be carefully investigated.

What is the impact of allergic rhinitis on daily functioning of children?

It leads to an impaired quality of life, loss of school days, impaired learning and impaired sleep

How do we treat children with allergic rhinitis?

The treatment has to be inpidualized for each child depending on the age, severity, coexisting conditions etc. Treatment includes allergen avoidance, anti-histaminics, anti-inflammatory nasal sprays and monteleukast. These might be used singly or in combination.