Asthma Inhalers: Busting the Myth

It is a very common "MYTH" that inhalers are addictive and habit forming. This myth has been prevailing in India for long time and hence most parents avoid the use of regular inhalers inspite of the child not keeping well.

Inhalers are addictive and habit forming: Is it true?

The "FACT" is that in children with Asthma the airway swelling is persistent and hence children need regular treatment with "Controller" medicines.

It does NOT mean that if your child is taking regular inhalers they are addictive. In easier terms let us take an example of a person who has high blood pressure. He needs regular medicine to keep the blood pressure under control. Similarly, many children with asthma need to take their inhalers regularly to keep their asthma under control. It is important to understand that sometimes the need for regular inhalers might be for a long time.

What are the benefits of using inhalers?

Inhalers is a direct method of delivery of the medicine to our lungs in very small doses (usually in micrograms). They are multi-dosed (hence you don’t need to buy the medicine frequently, usually contain 200 doses), portable, easy to carry, easy to maintain and cheaper as compared to nebulizers.

Should my child take Inhalers regularly?

Most patients take inhalers off and on and this leads to poor control of their symptoms. It is highly recommended that your child should get his controller or preventive inhalers regularly to have the maximum benefit.

Are there any side-effects of taking regular inhalers?

In prescribed doses there are no side effects of taking inhalers regularly. Scientific research has shown that even if inhalers are taken regularly for many years there are no side effects.

Are inhalers used worldwide?

In most of the developed countries like USA, Australia, Canada, England nebulizers are not used now for treatment and the mainstay of therapy in asthma in children is inhalers.

Inhalers are "NOT" addictive rather PREVENTIVE. SAY YES to Inhalers!!!

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