Pediatric & Neonatal Flexible Bronchoscopy

What is flexible bronchoscopy

Pediatric flexible bronchoscopy is a procedure of looking at your child’s airways or breathing tubes from inside using an equipment known as a flexible bronchoscope.

How is flexible bronchoscopy done?

Flexible bronchoscope is a small tube like equipment with a light source. It is of a very thin diameter (approximately 3.5 mm). Local anesthesia in instilled the nose and sedation is given to make your baby sleep.  Thereafter the bronchoscope is gently passed through the nose and the desired part of the lung is visualized.

Which children need flexible bronchoscopy?

This test may be required if your child has recurrent wheezing, noisy breathing/stridor, chronic cough, persistent lung infection, changes on chest x-rays, suspected tuberculosis, etc.

How much time does it take?

It usually takes 5-10 minutes only for the procedure to be completed.

Is it safe. Does it have any complications?

Bronchoscopy is safe and carries little risk. In very rare cases, children may have a reaction to a sedation medication. We observe our babies very closely for this. There might be some increase in wheezing or brief episode of fever post procedure, but this is usually transient. We would discuss with you the complications in more detail.

Preparing your child for the test?

We would usually call you with your baby early morning. You should not feed your baby or give anything by mouth for 4 hours prior to the procedure. We would usually discharge you by late afternoon or evening.

Our Experience?

Dr Parakh has been performing flexible bronchoscopy in children including newborn babies for the past 5 years. He has performed more than 400 bronchoscopies in children.

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